• How To Get Lasting Results For Your Clients

    I help naturopaths and nutritionists get consistent results for their clients by teaching them how to inspire behaviour change through sound, practical and simple protocols.


    My coaching philosophy is backed by scientific processes that anyone can follow to get better results and greater compliance.


    Simply telling a client what to do doesn't work ... only 20% of clients take on advice - that leaves 80% not getting results.

    The approach that I take is different. It’s grounded in the latest neuroscience and psychology as well as over 20 years of practical experience.


    In short, the strategies you will learn work, in both the lab and the real world.


    You’ll be able take these simple protocols and change the dynamic with your clients, so they take accountability and get lasting results.

  • Who am I?

    I am a research scientist and behaviour change expert with a PhD in Health Behaviour Change.

    I lecture and conduct research at Macquarie University in Sydney and have spent the last 20 years immersed in all aspects of coaching, teaching and behaviour change.


    More specifically, I use the perfect blend of research-driven neuroscience (behaviour change, psychology and habit formation) and practical coaching to educate clients, get results and create long lasting relationships.


    Let me teach you these simple tactics to get lasting results for your clients through real-world examples.

  • Coaching 4 Change Workshop

    This workshop has been designed specifically for nutritionists and naturopath practitioners who are passionate about making a difference and improving the health outcomes of their clients.

    Face-to-Face Practical Workshop (5 hours)

    The whole day is focused on the application of best practice. You will learn a consultation structure and conversational style you can adopt when discussing lifestyle behaviour change with your clients.


    The workshop is designed to be interactive, engaging and practical.


    You will be role-playing and have opportunities for one-on-one feedback.

    Preparatory Online Modules (3 hours)

    Prior to the workshop you will be required to complete four short online modules.


    These modules include video presentations and interactive activities for you to absorb the information and reflect on how it applies to you and your clients.


    Assessment: Following the completion of the modules you are required to submit (via email) a short written reflection on how the content applies to you and your clients.

  • Gain CPE Points

    To receive a Certificate of Completion you must complete all online modules prior to the practical workshop and attend the face-to-face workshop in its entirety.

    Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association

    5 CPE points

    Complementary Medicine Association

    8 CPE points

    Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia

    11.5 CPE points

    Australian Natural Therapists Association

    5 CPE points

  • Engaging Online Modules

    Prior to the workshop you will be required to complete four online modules. Each module will take approximately 45 minutes.


    • How to Strengthen Self-Control
    • The Science of Habit Formation and Change
    • The Science of Motivation
    • Navigate the Psychological pitfalls in behaviour change
    NOTE: These modules must be completed before the face-to-face workshop as they provide a strong foundation of knowledge which we build on and extend in the practical workshop.

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    Location: Lake Macquarie City Library, Swansea NSW 2281        Date: Tuesday 28th May, 9am - 2:30pm


    Terms and conditions apply

  • Contact

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  • Terms and Conditions

    Online Modules

    1. The online modules will be made available to attendees 3 weeks before the workshop (e.g. 7th May for 28th May workshop).
    2. The full payment for the workshop must be received before access to online modules will be provided.
    3. Attendees will have access to review the online modules for up to one month after the workshop.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    • Two weeks notice is required to be eligible for a 50% refund of the total cost of the workshop.  After this date, NO REFUNDS will be given.